Recordings by Steve Kopman 
on the ESP Label

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Title Number Caller Type
Thinkin´ Tonight Of My Blue Eyes ESP 212 Steve & Elmer Sheffield Singingcall
Thunder ESP 409 Steve Hoedown
Sunshine II ESP 410 Steve, Elmer Sheffield, Bob Newman & Craig Rowe Hoedown
Jammin ESP 413 Steve Hoedown
Groovy ESP 414 Steve Hoedown
A-Team ESP 417 Steve & Lee Kopman Hoedown
Twister ESP 419 Steve Hoedown
Boogie Beat ESP 421 Steve Hoedown
Sh`bang ESP 422 Steve Hoedown
Debbie ESP 426 Steve Hoedown
Rivers Of Babylon ESP 433 Steve & Darryl Lipscomb Hoedown
Uptown Hoedown ESP 438 Steve & Darryl Lipscomb Hoedown
Barbie ESP 446 Steve, Tim Marriner & Darryl Lipscomb Hoedown
River March ESP 453 Steve Hoedown
El Vaquero ESP 455 Steve, Elmer Sheffield & Darry Lipscomb Hoedown
Party Time ESP 456 Steve Hoedown
Inferno ESP 457 Steve & Darry Lipscomb Hoedown
Dance Fever ESP 460 Steve, Mike Hoose, Gary Shoemake & Bronc Wise Hoedown
Miss You ESP 461 Steve & Darry Lipscomb Hoedown
Mandy ESP 466 Steve Hoedown
Hey Girl ESP 470 Steve Hoedown
Hammertime ESP 473 Steve Hoedown
Rip Saw ESP 474 Steve & Darry Lipscomb Hoedown
Bobby Cole ESP 478 Steve Hoedown
Rock, Paper, Scissors ESP 480 Steve & Darry Lipscomb Hoedown
Puttin´ On The Ritz ESP 482 Steve Hoedown
Goody, Goody ESP 901 Steve Singingcall
Transportation Medley ESP 902 Steve Singingcall
Seein´ Nellie Home ESP 903 Steve Singingcall
After You´ve Gone ESP 904 Steve & Lee Kopman Singingcall
Kansas City ESP 905 Steve Singingcall
Pack Up Your Troubles ESP 906 Steve Singingcall
Feelin´ Kinda Lonley Tonight ESP 907 Steve Singingcall
Gimmie´ That Wink ESP 908 Steve Singingcall
Almost Like Being In Love ESP 909 Steve Singingcall
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby ESP 910 Steve & Amanda Kopman Singingcall
Oh Susanna ESP 911 Steve & Tim Marriner Singingcall
Takin Care Of Business ESP 912 Steve Singingcall
Five O´clock And Heaven Bound ESP 913 Steve Singingcall
Trolley ESP 914 Steve Singingcall
Standing On The Corner ESP 915 Steve & Tony Oxendine Singingcall
Kisses ESP 916 Steve & Ray Brendzy Singingcall
That´s Alright Mama ESP 917 Steve Singingcall
Dancin, Shaggin On The Boulevard ESP 918 Steve Singingcall
Come Monday ESP 919 Steve & Amanda Kopman Singingcall
Honey Do ESP 920 Steve Singingcall
Another Saturday Night ESP 921 Steve Singingcall
Stranger In The Mirror ESP 922 Steve Singingcall
I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home ESP 923 Steve & Darryl McMillan Singingcall
It Must Be Love ESP 924 Steve Singingcall
Leona ESP 925 Steve Singingcall
Lady Is A Tramp ESP 926 Steve Singingcall
It Never Rains In Souther California ESP 927 Steve Singingcall
Up A Lazy River ESP 928 Steve, Tom Miller & Darryl Lipscomb Singingcall
Clean Shirt ESP 929 Steve Singingcall
Born To Be Blue ESP 930 Steve Singingcall
I Would Like To See You Again ESP 1023 Steve, Elmer Sheffield & Darryl McMillan Singingcall
Dance With Me ESP 1062 Steve Singingcall